Family :

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Cole and Gavin

So good to see Cole and Gavin again. Here’s a fun

Dexter and Dyson

These boys have grown so much. Here a sneak peek shot

Sarkar family

I’m so grateful to be able to capture the Sarkar

Baby Jeune

It was the year 2013 when I first met and worked with

Jamie and Sonya’s family

Here’s a sneak peek of Jamie and Sonya’s

Baby Kylie

What an great session with baby Kylie and the family.

Andrea and Alicia | A year later

Andrea and Alicia are growing up so fast. Here’s

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The two little cuties

Here’s a sneak peek of the two cuties with

Baby Theodore

Say hello to baby Theodore.

Cristian meets Micaela

Here’s a sneak peek from our newborn shoot this

Baby Avery

Time flies by so quickly. Baby Avery is already 7

Chloe, Cheston and the family

What an amazing time with Chloe, Cheston and the family

Baby Timothy

Baby Timothy, 7 weeks old with his big sister Mika.

The Melwani, Hemnani and Lalwani families

What a great start to the new year. Here’s a

The Welch family

Here’s a sneak peek of Noah in flight. More

The Sarkar family

Look at his eyes! Aren’t they beautiful? Here are

The Tong family

I’ve been shooting with a family of two boys a

Andrea and Alicia

Three years ago, I worked with Alicia and her family.

The Tan family

It’s so good to see the Tans again. The girls

Cole and Gavin

Last year, I did a cake smash session with the boys at

Dexter and Dyson

Just the perfect day for a family session. The weather

The Coles

I feel like I’m already part of the Coles family

Chace meets baby Skylar

At last, baby SJ (Skylar Jude) is out. Chace is a

Big brother Chace!

This time, it’s Chace’s turn. He’s

Protected: The Shum family

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Baby Nico

It was three years ago when I worked with Heather and

Baby Leah

A big congratulations to the Welch family. Baby Leah is

The Lamusse family

This weekend was scheduled to rain but we’re glad

Baby Willow Bloom

Say hello to Baby Willow Bloom and the family. I had an

Congratulations to the Lam family

Say hello to Baby Avery. I’ve worked with the

The twins

Worked with two beautiful boys last week. Here’s

Matthew and Emilia

Here are the highlights of Matthew, Emilia and the

The Tong family

It’s great working with the Tong’s again. 

The Lam family

Congratulations to the Lam family. Can’t wait to

The Yin family

Fun times with the Yins. Check out the highlights below

The Shiu family

Four years ago, I worked with the Shiu’s. They

Arthur and the family

Here’s Arthur and the family.

The Chai family

The Chai family are back. This time, they are all

The Tong family

I had the privilege of working with my friend and his

The Chen Family

Say hello to baby Nathanael and the family.

The Ting family

I had the pleasure of becoming friends with the Ting

The Chong family

Here are the photos from the Chong family.

The Wang family 2

Hello to Cadence, Terrence and the rest of the family

Baby Joses

Hello Baby Joses. Congratulations to the happy parents

The Welch family 2

The last time I worked with the Welch family was 4

Toni + San are expecting!

Congratulations to Toni and San. They are expecting a

Celebrating Shafiq & Rai

Here’s a sneak peek of the two from last weekend

The Lau family

Here are some highlights of the Laus. Enjoy!

The Coles family

This is the third year I’ve worked with the Coles

Protected: Say hello to Allison

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Tan Family 2

When I first worked with the Tan family, it was with

The Farmers

Say hello to baby Eden. Here are the highlights of the

Baby Gavin and the family

Check out the highlights from last week’s family

The Choi family 2

Here’s a sneak peek of the Choi family from last

The Lim Family

Highlights of the Lim family during their mini session

The Tseung Family

Here are the highlights of the Tseung family during

Protected: Mini session previews

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Jackson Family

Here are the highlights from last weekend’s

The Lim Family

Five years ago, I captured Richie and Lily making a

Baby William

Here are a few highlights of baby William’s mini

The Valdez Family

Check out more highlights here in Seattle. I had a

Family mini session preview – Seattle, Washington

Jeanice and her daughter wanted to have their photos

The Lim-Park Family 2

The last time I worked with Ingrid and Ken, they were a

Baby Aubrey

It’s been over a year since I last worked with

The Dang family

Last weekend’s family session was hot but that

The Chai Family

It was so good to work with the Chai family again.

The Quach Family

Sarah is almost 5 and her parents wanted to have their

Baby Everly

Kat and Mike are dear friends of ours. We were so

Baby Chace

Chace is now 18 months. He’s smart, sweet and a

The Wells Family

Jason and Cristie recently had a new addition to the

Baby growing up fast

Took this shot of my little one last month when he

The Lau Family

A nice warm day during the winter season in Hong Kong.

The Coles Family

I met the Coles last year when I did a mini session at

Hello Dexter

It’s been a year since I worked with Dexter and his

Protected: The Lam Family

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Today was Janice’s first photo shoot. What a

The Chai Family

It’s been awhile since I last worked with the

The Valentine Family

Here’s a sneak peek of last weekend’s

The Tucker Family

Finally, the rain stopped for a day and it was the


Jo and Desmond are proud parents and I had the

Jo + Desmond

Rarely do you see a scenery like this in Hong Kong but

The Hartzell Family

Today is Friday and it’s a perfect day for photo

Susan and the family

Susan and her family flew in from Toronto to visit the

Alicia’s family

A few months ago, I did a session with Alicia’s

The Lau Family

It’s a busy weekend but it has been a blast. Did

The Ramos Family

Some highlights of the Ramos family are here. Check

The Yang Family

Here are the highlights of the Yang family. Enjoy.

The Shiu Family

Here are the highlights of the Shiu family. One of many

The Coles Family

Here are the highlights of the Coles family last

The Brown Family

Meet the Brown family and what a special bunch they are

The Tan Family

Meet the Tan family. I love their colour coordination.

Thankful and blessed!

Baby Chace is finally here. Words cannot express how we

Baby Chace says hi

Introducing the new addition to our family. Baby Chace

It’s finally getting cooler and it was a good day

The Ling/Poon Family

Meet Alicia. She is almost 15 months old and both her

Baby Ava

A month ago, I took Tanya and Jasper’s pregnancy

Baby Jala

I have been working with families, capturing their

Brendan’s Family

Brendan is 11 months old and he’s one of the

The Stocker de Villiers Family

Summer is here and so is the rain. Tanya and Jasper are

The Wang Family

The weather in Hong Kong has been so unpredictable but

The Subramanyam Family

I had a great time with the Subramanyam family. Here&#

Aaron & Alicia

Aaron & Alicia are siblings from Canada. Alicia

The Janzen Family

It was warm as we approach Christmas but I had a

The Cheung Family

Cheryl and Eddy have two wonderful kids, Colin &

The Choi Family

It was cloudy and wet all around Hong Kong but the sun

The Gao Family

It was a beautiful day for the Gao Family. Paxton was a

The Johnson Family

I had a wonderful time with the Johnson’s. They

The Welch Family

The sky cleared up and it was a good day as I headed

Protected: The Fleishauer and the family

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Lim-Park Family

It was a relaxing afternoon with the Lim-Park family.

The Chew Family

We had a great time with the Chew family. Garren and

The Morrow/Pettit/Smith Family

It was a chilly but beautiful afternoon when we did a

The Smith Family

Two years ago, we took pictures of Erin and Dave as

The Puch Velásquez Family

The Puch Velásquez Family is expecting their first

Private: The Tseung Family

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning and I had a great

The Foley Family

Maddox & Scarlett are Korean-American. Maddox just

The Wong Family

Today we headed to Disneyland resort for a family shoot

The Tee Family

We were suppose to do an outdoor session for the Tee&#

The Cheung family

I had a wonderful time getting to know the Cheung

The Chai Family

I had a wonderful time with the Chai family. Brady is

The Forrest Family

Here are the Forrest Family. The children are a mix of

The Henzie Family

Here are the Henzie’s. What a beautiful family. &

The Tee Family

Enjoy the updated pics from the Tee Family!

The Kwoh Family

I had a great time shooting the Kwoh family and their

The joy of Motherhood

The joy of motherhood.  

The Dammarell Family | Seattle, WA

Today’s shoot was with the Dammarell family. The

The Sweet’s | Seattle, WA

I had a blast shooting this family. It was like hanging

The Poon’s + Caleb | Hong Kong

Another great family session with the Poon’s and

A wonderful morning with the Barnstable’s | Hong Kong

My wife and I had a great time with the Barnstable&#

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