Alice + Joseph

Alice and Joseph got hitched and their families travelled across the globe to celebrate with them here in Hong Kong. Here are some highlights of their day and be sure to watch the video below for more.

AJ1 AJ2 DSC_2906 DSC_3582-(1) AJ3 DSC_3385-(1) DSC_3884 AJ5 Untitled-2 AJ7 DSC_3204-(1) DSC_4114 DSC_3593-(1) AJG1 AJF1 DSC_4492

DSC_4637 AJ8 DSC_4717 DSC_4704 DSC_4776 AJC DSC_4562 Untitled-1 DSC_4806 AJC3 DSC_4876 DSC_4887

Thanks to Ken Leung for the videographer

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